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Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!
Psalm 150 v 6

The Machol Danser la Vie structure and ministry was born in 2005 and its goal is to promote a culture of Life, of Rest and of Movement, through music, song, fine art, multi-media and dance.  A combination of courses (from beginner to professional level), and national and international missions, shows, concepts and concerts serve to reach this goal.

"Dancing Life" (danser la vie) is much more than just a choreographed dance performed on stage or a lesson in a dance studio behind closed doors... It is an authentic way of breathing, loving, perceiving, touching and celebrating every given moment, even where anxiety and possible limitations and disabilities are present. All it takes to set your life dancing and singing in The Source is to take a few steps out in the street, to look out on the world and to release an inner "connected" smile..."
Christine Jeanville

The adventure began in 1994, when prayer led to Christine receiving a spontaneous and astonishing healing in her knees. She was a dancer at the Opera House in Hanover at the time. She had to learn how to walk then dance all over again, embracing the simple but also profound nature of the gift of movement, connecting the inner and outer self together. "It was first and foremost a healing of my spiritual and emotional knees that took place, and then my physical knees simply followed."

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After noting a lack of positive inspiration amongst choreographers, an absence of creations which could be keys of Life for the public, confusion of the terms beauty and success, and also the daily backstage life and suffering of the dancers, always turning around the same hubs and far from the glorious image shown on stage, she chose to leave the beaten track. She explores the extraordinary current and modern pearls contained in the Bible. Watching her dance, people are healed spiritually, emotionally … and physically.

Sodapop, a pioneer in the hip hop world, joined her in 2001, adding masculinity, the urban dimension, positioning and an eye for multi-media, together with experience and a striking complementarity clearly visible to those who see them moving in synergy... They married and founded Machol Danser la Vie together, inspired by the story of Machol and his sons (see the introduction). Today the team is growing, teachers are being trained, research is being carried out with doctors and scientists and important projects are emerging.

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Christine Jeanville

Christine founded the  Machol Danser la Vie ministry and carries the vision. Christine is the President of the non profit organization Machol Danser la Vie and is a professional dancer and choreographer.  She is in full time ministry.

Sodapop Ch. Jeanville

Sodapop is co-founder of the ministry, carries the vision and is on the administrative board.  He is a multi-disciplinary artist working full time in the ministry as a professional dancer and choreographer, musician, video director, teacher and speaker.

Gwladys Pailha

Gwladys is the secretary of Machol Danser la Vie non profit organization and is on the team of intercessors for the ministry.

Marie-Claire Henner

Marie-Claire is treasurer of the non profit organization Machol Danser la Vie and an intercessor for the ministry.

... and all the members of Machol Danser la Vie.

... and all our partners.

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MAHOL (Heb.) A man in the book of Kings whose name means dancer, to dance.

Mahol had three sons who were among Israel's four most famous wise men.


- Heman : truth, faithfulness, pillar, food

- Chalcol : washed/healed inside and out

- Darda : pearl and stream of the wisdom     
  of God

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